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What is A Firewall and Reasons Why You Should Use it

We all heard about firewall at some point of time, what are they used for ? Do they stop viruses?

Well actually, there is a great chance that you are now using a firewall,  if  your are running a modern OS on your computer, there is be one built in, or else your security suite will have a firewall.

But what is this firewall for? Keep reading for reasons why you do, need it.

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Operating System - OS, Technology

How To Install Ubuntu And openSUSE Leap From Windows Store On Windows 10?

 Now Microsoft has brought Linux distros like Ubuntu and openSUSE to Windows Store. Users can now simply install Linux distros on Windows 10 machines running latest Insider builds. The installation process is pretty straight forward and involves a few simple steps. Microsoft has said that downloads via Store are more reliable and faster.

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