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What Is Bitcoin Gold? Why Is Bitcoin Splitting For The Second Time?

Earlier this year in August, we witnessed the splitting of Bitcoin as a result of the formation of a new hard fork named Bitcoin Cash (BCC). Compared to the pre-existing Bitcoin, BCC stressed on high speed and volume of transaction. It also increased the block size to 8MB and removed SegWit2x proposal.Now, Bitcoin is on its way to being forked into another digital currency named Bitcoin Gold. So, let’s answer some of the popular queries which are confusing the cryptocurrency enthusiasts:

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Amazon to soon receive DIPP’s approval for food retail in India!

In July 2016, Amazon India had launched Amazon Pantry, a service that offered grocery and household essentials and even delivers orders in a day. Competing with retail chains such as Big Bazaar and Spencer’s, Amazon Pantry aims to replicate the supermarket model online, that can deliver products up to 15 kgs per delivery. Also, Amazon Pantry will be accessible to all customers in India, whereas globally, it is only available to Amazon Prime customers, as stated by the company in an official statement at the time of launch.

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